Key West Art

Key West Artists

Key West, Florida has been both a home and an inspiration to many of the world's most popular artists for over 200 years now. Their artwork can be seen in places such as galleries and museums throughout this tropical paradise. There is a wealth of studios showcasing incredible works of art by those that are internationally, nationally and yes, even locally known and respected for their amazing talents. You will most certainly find plenty of paintings and drawings of the gorgeous sunsets, ocean scenes and swaying palm trees but that is just one small aspect of what you will see. Look closely and you will see the unexpected art in such things as body art, jewelry, kites, ocean art, paintings, paper mache creations, photography, pottery, sculpture, sketch art, stained glass and much, much more.

Key West Florida Art

Arts and Crafts at Mallory Square

Mallory Square

Image Credit: jdeeringdavis

When you are in Key West, there is something special called the Sunset Celebration that is an arts and crafts show with quite a wide variety of artists who showcase their artwork on Mallory Dock every single night approximately two hours before the gorgeous Key West sun sets for the evening. Locals and visitors all gather at the edge of the water to experience perhaps something they have never experienced before which is indeed a multi-cultural experience not to be missed. Not only is there a vast amount of artists with their arts and crafts, but also food carts, street performers and psychics. Just the street performers alone will quite possibly amaze you. There is a man by the name of Will Soto who has performed a high-wire and juggling act for over twenty years and is considered a *must* see. If you can handle watching it, there is a man who goes by Dan the Sword Swallower (I think you can picture what happens!) Then there is David and Tobin who combine acrobats, comedy, fire juggling and a handstand twenty feet in the air. Make sure you stop by and see Schmegly who is quite the popular balloon artist.


There is still much more in the art and culture worlds that await you in Key West. Dance is a very popular activity that is not just for the ones brave enough to get out on the dance floors at the clubs. In fact, many of the performers of dance throughout the Keys unite the amateurs with professionals, adults and children as well as the locals and tourists. Under the professional guidance of a very talented and gifted American ballet dancer named Joyce Stahl, dance pros from throughout the U.S. have joined many Key West children to produce a very unique island arrangement of the classic ballet "The Nutcracker." Joyce is herself a classically educated dancer who performed for thirty-five years with New Jersey's American Repertory Ballet. To find out more and get a detailed guide to upcoming performing arts and dance festivities click here: and then click on the month, year and "cultural events only."


Last but not least, we cannot overlook film as the Keys are home to southern Florida's only independent and non-profit film multiplex. The Tropic Cinema is located here and has a yearly schedule of alternative, contemporary, foreign and independent movies both in 35mm and digital format. If you love classic movies, you can enjoy a biography of Oscar Wilde or a tribute to Ernest Hemingway or perhaps best of all you can see scenes in films that were shot right in Key West, Florida.