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Blue Heaven Restaurant

Let's travel back in time well over a hundred years ago to see where this amazing restaurant's roots began shall we? The owners back then of this Dade County formation began by selling spirits to both Florida Keys and Key West residents. Throughout the years that followed, one could be thoroughly entertained by boxing matches the infamous Ernest Hemingway himself refereed, cock fighting and even gambling. A bordello, dance hall and playhouse were on the 2nd floor and even today at The Bordello Gallery, you can still sneak a quick look through the peepholes and into the very small rooms. Downstairs you would have found pool tables and even an ice cream parlor, and today you will see those tops of the pool tables in the courtyard outside.

729 Thomas St. Key West, Florida 33040


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Now let's fast forward to the year 1992. That was the year that a man named Richard a writer and Suanne an artist began their business together with no start-up money, a few gardening tools and a church cookbook. They began cooking up black bean, fish and rice to their very first customers on painted picnic tables in the lovely tropical outdoor dining area. These two entrepreneurs with their little baby came in daily to their newly found restaurant by way of their houseboat that was located far away on Christmas Tree Island. Their business built quite slowly but it picked up when they added breakfast to their lunch menu and a two-dollar special deal, which eventually got them to hit the one hundred dollars per day mark in gross sales but not on a consistent basis. Since it was predominantly an outdoor business, rain had much to do with the ups and downs of their sales.

A year and one-half later Richard convinced his brother Dan to leave his position as a chef in North Carolina to take over the addition of dinners to Blue Heaven's growing menu. Dan was an amazing chef who actually began his career in the restaurant business at the very young age of only fourteen. His seared Black Grouper with herbs, key lime honey glaze and a red onion and cucumber salad was a surefire hit. Dan took great pride and joy in his cooking and people were thrilled at how great everything tasted. Today's Blue Heaven's specialties are Caribbean cuisine, seafood and dishes to delight vegetarians. Accolades have poured in from around the globe for this quite unique and fascinating Key West restaurant.

I laughed out loud at their posted restaurant hours! You would have to see it for yourself to get the full effect but here is just a sampling of it. Their dinner hours are from 5:00pm until "10-ish" pm...ok maybe it is only me that finds that funny since I love the "word" ish myself! If you are already in Key West and have not gone here yet, I highly recommend adding it to your must-eat-and-drink at list. However, one thing to note is that parking is extremely limited and they kindly ask that if possible please bike, moped, take a taxi or walk to keep their neighbors happy. They are centrally located just two blocks from Duval Street and like to remind people that just walking allows you to experience the nice laid-back pace of Key West that could be missed zipping down the streets in a car. Trip Advisor rated this as #6 out of 212 restaurants in Key West and reviewers gave it an overwhelming 4.5 out of 5 stars-a must see!