Diving and Snorkeling in Key West

Snorkeling Key West

The sun is out and the seasons are changing leading many people to look for their next vacation spot. If you have been, discussing possibilities why not consider a snorkeling or diving trip to Key West Florida? Truth be told this is a great vacation location during all seasons, Key West is uniquely located to offer travelers temperate climate all year long, even when the rest of the country is dealing with snow and cold Key West is a balmy 75-80 degrees!

Diving locations in the Keys

There are all kinds of sights to see under the water around the Florida Keys. This area is a well-known diver's paradise that has been protected for years by various conservation efforts. Coral harvesting and spear fishing was getting out of control about 30 years ago, galvanizing politicians and locals create an underwater marine preserve.

This means that the areas around the Keys have been protected and offer pristine marine diving. You will see all kinds of fish and many special wreck sights if you decide to dive the Florida Keys. Some notable diving areas include:

Florida Keys Barrier Reef- the third largest reef in the world is home to all manner of marine life. Parrotfish, giant schools of grunt, snapper and grouper are just a few of the fish and marine life you can enjoy interacting with. You can even take awesome photographs if you have the proper equipment!

Inner coral reefs- these reefs range in depth from 3-30 feet and are perfect for both snorkelers and divers alike. Enjoy maximum dive time and plenty of light when you dive these areas.

Outer coral reefs- When you want to dive a little deeper consider the outer coral reef, these range from 35-45 feet in depth. Beautiful coral and larger marine life will be there to greet you.

Joe's Tug- Located approximately 65-75 feet below the surface of the water sits Joe's Tug a harbor tug that sank at its moorings in 1986. It was due to be taken out and sunk as an artificial reef but the night before the Tug was mysteriously towed out of Key West Harbor. Before the would be thieves could get it to their destination it sank in about 60 feet of water. For a long time local dive, shops avoided diving the wreckage for fear they would be associated with its unsanctioned journey. Today it is popular wreckage for divers from all over.

Cayman Salvage Master- if you have advanced diver training the Cayman Salvage Master has many remarkable sights. Large Jewfish and moray eels call this 180-foot long steel hull home.

As you can see, there are more than a few dive sights available around the Florida Keys. Temperate crystal clear waters, wonderful wreckage and a variety of marine life await you in Key West. Enjoy night dives, coral reefs and a variety of activities including the annual Underwater Music Festival. If you are not a scuba diver and do not particularly care for snorkeling you can still have a wonderful time in Key West with museums, beaches, watersports, sightseeing and nature walks.