Key West Dog Beach

The Key West Dog Beach for Furry Fun in the Sun

Key West Dog Beach

Even our furry friends like to take a walk on the beach, and there is more fun to be had when they go for a swim in the water and enjoy the freedom of a good run. The Key West Dog Beach offers all of this and more for those special family members who spend their time doing what they can to entertain us, and now we can entertain them with the open spaces that are always there on the beach.

Dog Beach Location

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Dog Beach Keys

Key West, Florida has always held an allure for families and couples and now even our pets can enjoy the pleasures of strolling on the beach with dogs best friends. One thing that most dog owners should remember when they take their valued pets out to the beach for a romp in the sun is that the Key West Dog Beach is not fenced and you will want to make sure that your dog has a good recall before turning them loose to enjoy the beach at will.

Dog Friendly Beach in Key West Pet Beach Key West

Even though this beach offers many unique experiences for those lovable family members there are a few things that must be brought to everyone’s attention so that they will be aware. There are some slippery rocks on one side, so be sure to avoid those, but the waves are not large enough to be concerned with.

Louie’s Backyard sits right on the beach and offers a dog friendly place to relax and have a drink with your dog by your side at their Afterdeck which is an outdoor bar. That privilege terminates at 5pm which is dinner time and they must ask you to take your dog and go. Altogether, Key West Dog Beach is a fun place to take your favorite pooch and have a bit of fun with the wind, water and sand.