Eden House in Key West

The Eden House is the Oldest Hotel in Key West

Just far enough off of the main drag to get a good nights rest and close enough to not miss any of the action, the Eden House in Key West, Florida is a great place to stay if you are looking to catch the real flavor of Key West. Competitive rates, a heated pool, Jacuzzi, sundeck, wi-fi internet service, all in a tropical setting are just the beginning. A tranquil setting with all of the amenities, the Eden House is Key West's original hotel built in 1924. Fully renovated, this art deco style building, along with a number of surrounding conch houses, creates a wonderful atmosphere that offers rooms from apartment suites to semi-private rooms, and everything in between.

With rooms that are considered to be quaint, comfortable, but perhaps on the small side, the Eden House more than makes up for this with superior service. Highly rated by hundreds of customers; the Eden House ranks as one of the top ten places to stay in Key West. A trip to Key West, whether for business, pleasure, or both, should be marked with a visit to the beaches, a little deep sea fishing, a nice round of golf, and taking a short walk to get out and enjoy the night life on Duval Street. The Eden House is a great place to setup camp to be able to enjoy everything that Key West has to offer.

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With some rooms offering porch swings for soaking up the tropical atmosphere and hammocks for that extra special nap, unique is a word that fits. Comments from customers like "Wonderful as always" and "A little slice of heaven" convey the high levels of customer satisfaction that many experience when staying at the Eden House.