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Key West Florida Gay

When you hear Key West, Florida, what kinds of images come to your mind? Perhaps beautiful ones of warm sunny days with nice cool breezes, super clean blue-green ocean water, swinging from a hammock with a strawberry daiquiri in hand with a cute little umbrella perched in it and definitely an abundance of peace and lack of stress for starters. While all of that and a lot more is found here, did you also know that this town is very gay-friendly? That is not to imply that everyone is gay who lives in Key West, but that since about the 1960's with the "gay revolution", it has provided a safe haven for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and more to live peacefully and comfortably with each other and with the straight population as well. These people are finally able to live open and "out" lives as a very welcome part of the Key West community, whose motto is "one human family." It is too bad that more towns, particularly in the United States, don't embrace this same mindset. The current prevailing attitude to this day keeps many "in the closet" and at times even fearful for their lives should they be found out or even worse, be caught out in the open with any type of PDA (public display of affection), even with something as innocent as just walking down the street hand in hand with their partner.

Key West is filled with history and perhaps the best way to take it all in is to take an Old Town Trolley Tour. You will have a local guide who will point out over fifty historical and current sites that will both amuse you while you will also be learning quite a bit about Key West in the meantime. In a nutshell, there is bound to be something here for everyone no matter what your interests are. How about taking a small charter to go out and see the dolphins, scuba diving amongst the coral reefs and wrecks, snorkeling and seeing all kinds of beautiful tropical fish, trying your hand at fly fishing and perhaps having the thrill of catching a tarpon, offshore deep sea fishing, kayaking, swimming in the ocean or maybe just laying out on the beach working on your tan. There are plenty of great places to eat, drink and be merry (or in this case, even gay!) With nearly a dozen gay bars and clubs there is bound to be one that suits you perfectly.

Since Key West is so very gay friendly you can feel comfortable staying anywhere of your choosing although some prefer staying at an all-gay resort. Island House is rated #1 on Trip Advisor and has been given rave reviews. This all-men's resort is completely private (guests only) and surrounded by walls. Clothing is optional except for in the on-site gym where shorts and shoes are the only requirement. The heated pool and jacuzzis are open for your thorough relaxation and unending enjoyment 24/7. I will just say this that the rooms are beyond the word plush. Be sure to Google Island House before jetting off to Key West if this sounds like a place that was made just for you. The women have not been forgotten about and they have a place to go that is an all-women's resort called Pearl's Rainbow with two hot tubs, two pools and a poolside bar called Pearl's Patio, which is also Key West's only women's-only bar. The pool area is also open 24 hours a day and like the men's resort, this is clothing optional.