Key West Glass Bottom Boat

Glass Bottom Boats - A True Ocean Adventure

If you are planning to visit the Florida Key West area, be sure to hop on over and take a tour on a glass bottom boat. These Glass bottom boat tours are a very interesting experience indeed. They allow you to peer at the third largest barrier reef in the world and see coral sea life via crystal clear panels near the base of these boats.


Some of the life forms you will likely encounter are: Sea turtles, sharks, parrot fish, barracuda and bottlenose dolphins. Additionally, a good tour host will educate you on the intricacies of other life forms that live in the barrier reef. Such as the vast quantity of life forms that live inside a sponge no bigger than a basketball. They are always on the lookout for interesting things to point out and educate the public about, but like everyone else they may miss something that you may end up seeing yourself.

2 Duval Street Key West, FL 33040


Tours are usually ongoing throughout the year but there are some seasons that provide a better view than others. For the best look at what lives under the water of Key West, be sure to contact a provider of glass bottom boat tours so that you can get their input on when to schedule your adventure.

There are different sizes of boats offered in the industry, so you will want to decide what your budget will allow. Smaller boats will only accommodate 6 guests and provide a more individualized experience, centering on a special tour of a dolphin playground where you will be able to snorkel in the water with these amazing animals. These are more expensive but are well worth the price.

There are several different glass bottom boat tours to choose from, and pricing is usually on a per person basis. Some sites offer a discount when you book online. Keep in mind that for most, you will need to book a few days in advance. Enjoy the ocean scenery!