Mallory Square

Enjoyment Abounds at Mallory Square Key West

If you have never been there, you might want to find your way to Mallory Square Key West. This family friendly end of the road, Key West, Florida site is a destination location where anyone will be sure to enjoy a variety of great things to do and sites to see. Evening is a special time of day for this amazing location. Visitors quickly learn that everyone gathers for a sunset celebration which includes watching exquisite sunsets that are matched by no other region of the nation.

Mallory Square Location

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Among the many fascinating activities that take place at sunset at Mallory Square are the street performers who hold the attention of anyone that is on the square at the time. Local artists also display their wares for the crowds to admire and collect to take home with them. Hold onto your hat when you are there because there are other surprises awaiting visitors and locals alike. No one leaves the square disappointed for lack of entertainment.

Mallory Square Sunset

Mallory Square Sunset

Image Credit: jdeeringdavis

Key West can get no closer to the Gulf of Mexico since it juts out into this amazing mass of ocean, and Mallory Square ends at the very tip. The sunsets here are unobstructed by buildings or trees or mountains and provide some of the most beautiful colors that can only be seen from this vantage point. Purples, yellows, oranges, and pinks all provide an amazing light show that is beyond compare. Sailboats dotting the sea around Mallory Square add to the ambiance of this scene. Navy planes fly over adding their own statement to this scene.

Key West Sunset Times 2013

Key West sunset times for the 1st, 15th, and 28th day of each month in 2013.

Month 1st 15th 28th
January 5:50 6:00 6:10
Febuary 6:13 6:22 6:29
March 6:30 7:37 7:42
April 7:44 7:50 7:56
May 7:57 8:04 8:11
June 8:13 8:18 8:21
July 8:21 8:20 8:15
August 8:12 8:03 7:51
September 7:47 7:32 7:19
October 7:14 7:00 6:50
November 6:48 5:41 5:39
December 5:39 5:42 5:48


Mallory Square Performer

Image Credit: swiatekj

The live entertainment found at Mallory Square during the evenings is unique to the particular area. Tight rope walkers can be found performing their amazing feats of balance, and grab the attention of children of all ages. Trapeze artists can also be seen hovering above the docks on the square. It bears to mention that some of the trapeze performers are cats. Dominique the Cat Man with his array of tabbies provides a show that is unique to the entire world of performing arts.

The black, orange, and gray cats walk tight ropes, and jump from one platform to the next and also jump through hoops of fire. Try doing that with your ordinary house cats. The Cat Man also offers the attendees the opportunity to purchase a Cat Man tee-shirt as a souvenir of the experience and to help remember the event.

From bagpipes to circus like entertainment, there is something for everyone to enjoy at Mallory Square Key West. No center of entertainment would be complete without a place to eat, and with Bistro 245 sitting right on the water and offering divine eats like linguini with lobster and shrimp and a great salad how could you go wrong? They also have a children’s menu which will keep the little guys happy as well. With no obstructions of the view of the gulf, eating is both appetites pleasing as well as satisfying to other senses as well.

Mallory Square

Image Credit: jdeeringdavis

It is important to mention that Mallory Square is just a short distance from docks where cruise ships come into port, the Key West Aquarium, Mel Fisher Museum, and Duval Street. For convenience and enjoyment, Mallory Square cannot be beat.