Key West Shark Fishing

Key West Shark Fishing

Fishing for sharks? Are you kidding me-did we learn nothing from the movie Jaws?! On second thought, just think that for every shark caught and killed (most however fall under the catch and release category) that is one less shark we will need to worry about when we go swimming the next time in the Keys in Florida (just kidding)! Not surprisingly, sharks were overlooked as game fish for numerous years. In the beautiful Florida Keys, they are respected for their aggressive behavior, solid fights and extensive runs. Fishing for sharks in the Florida Keys is very unique in that the crystal clear and very clean water enables the shark hunters to actually see them before the hook is ever set.

Key West Shark Species

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There is a shark hunting system that is used with very good results and that is to have a freshly deceased barracuda or another kind of oily and bloody fish used as bait to attract the sharks into the area you want to be able to see them. Did you know that it has been scientifically verified that a shark can actually sense just one single droplet of blood surrounded by one billion drops of water? I knew they were very sensitive to knowing where there was blood but had no idea they were that incredibly sensitive to its smell. That indeed makes their sense of smell one of the keenest in the entire world. Pretty amazing! Once engaged to the scent of the blood the shark will then follow that right up to the boat, which indeed excites shark fishers of any skill level at that point. Just don't go out and rent the classic movie Jaws anytime soon though!