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Trolley Tour Key West

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Key West, Florida is known for its crystal clear blue water, sunny days with comfortable temperatures and a carefree laid-back atmosphere where everyone can feel at home, relaxed and very comfortable. Did you also know that there is a perfect way to get around and see an almost never-ending list of highlights while you are visiting Key West? While walking or bicycling may have crossed your mind, there is also The Old Town Trolley Tours that perfectly blends transportation to key sites to be sure to see, while being entertained by a solid reputable company that has been serving thousands of tourists for over thirty years. While enjoying these delightful sightseeing tours you can also save money and hassles by avoiding city driving and expensive parking. I would end up literally writing a book if I even attempted to list all of the wonderful places the Trolley Tours will take you. These tours are ninety minutes long and you are free to hop on and off at opportune stops along the way.

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When I mentioned if I listed every site, I could easily write a book, I was not exaggerating. Here is just one example and you will see what I mean. Just at trolley stop number one at Mallory Square, you will enjoy the Key West Aquarium complete with hermit crabs (if they come out!), moray eels, stingrays, tropical fish and much more. That is just one of twelve great sites to take in. There are twelve trolley stops in total with roughly fifty sites of historical and current interests to amaze you. Old Town Trolley even provides you with a 100% money back guarantee of satisfaction with no questions asked! Trip Advisor gave this a ranking of #27 out of 116 tours in all of Key West. Reviewers gave it a four and one-half out of five stars' ranking. This is definitely something you must put on your Key West to-do list.

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