Key West Weather

Key West is a city in Monroe County, Florida in the United States. This beautiful city encompasses the Key West Island, Sigsbee Park, Fleming Key, part of Stock Island and Sunset Key. Both Sigsbee Park and Fleming Key are part of the Naval Air Station Key West and are not accessible by civilians. Key West is located one hundred and twenty nine miles southwest of Miami, Florida and one hundred and six miles north of Havana, Cuba.

Key West Climate

Key West has a very mild tropical climate which is similar to the Caribbean islands which is caused by the Gulf of Mexico's moderation to the north and west. Thus far they have never had to suffer through a frost thanks mostly to the warm waters that move in from the north in the winter time. Not only can they boast of no frost, but they can rightfully boast of no snow, frost, ice or sleet since the coldest temperature to date in Key West was a mild 41F (5C) way back on January 12, 1886 and then again more recently on January 13, 1981. The temperature dropped to a "chilly" 42F (5.6C) on January 11, 2010 in which they endured a week of temperatures in the lows in the 40sF (4.9C). Sea breezes and easterly tradewinds help to suppress the usual hot summertime. The absolute hottest temperature ever recorded thus far to date in Key West was a hot 100F (38C) in June, July and August 1880. Excuse me while I step away from the computer to begin packing my bags-I just found another wonderful place to add to my "could move to" list!

For now let's forget about hurricanes and rainy times and just focus on the average highs and lows for each month, thus if you are planning on possibly packing your bags to move there as well, or are just in need of a sunny getaway, you will have a better idea of when you would like to go. Some people love hot temperatures with or without humidity. I am one of those who would be happy as a clam somewhere where it was between 60 and 75 (80 max-maybe) with sun and a nice cool breeze in the daytime with cooler temps in the evenings.

January's average high and low temperatures: 75.3F (24.06C) / 65.2F (18.44C)

February's average high and low temperatures: 75.9F (24.39C) / 65.7F (18.72C)

March's average high and low temperatures: 78.8F (26C) / 68.8F (20.44C)

April's average high and low temperatures: 81.9F (27.72C) / 72.1F (22.28C)

May's average high and low temperatures: 85.4F (29.67C) / 75.9F (24.39C)

June's average high and low temperatures: 88.1F (31.17C) / 78.7F (25.94C)

July's average high and low temperatures: 89.4F (31.89C) / 79.6F (26.44C)

August's average high and low temperatures: 89.5F (31.94C) / 79.2F (26.22C)

September's average high and low temperatures: 88.2F (31.22C) / 78.5F (25.83C)

October's average high and low temperatures: 84.7F (29.28C) / 75.7F (24.28C)

November's average high and low temperatures: 80.6F (27C) / 71.9 F (22.17C)

December's average high and low temperatures: 76.7F (24.83C) / 67.3F (19.61C)

Key West Storm

Ok so now for the not so sunny news-yes it does rain there on occasion! From November through April however there is plenty of sunshine and just under 25% of the annual amount of rainfall. This rain usually descends in a few heavy or light showers. May through October is known for the wet season where approximately 50% or just over that is when there are numerous showers and even some thunderstorms. The rain does fall on almost all the days of the wet season however early morning is usually when it happens, so if you are not a morning person like me, rain on!